To implement my Virtual Reality program in clinic, I needed a way to bring my setup into the clinic.  My desktop system at home was not going to cut it.  I was going to need a new laptop, a system to mount the Lighthouse laser scanner, and some sort of case to carry all of my equipment in.

Up until recently, there have been very few laptops with the capability of running Virtual Reality.  NVidia’s new Pascal laptop video cards are supposed to be almost as powerful as their desktop counterparts.  I settled on the MSI Dominator Pro laptop with the NVidia 1070 video card.  It is pretty large for a laptop and is not very thin.  It does run very cool even when running virtual reality games for long periods.  The performance is also amazing and the laptop runs circles around my desktop.

To mount the Lighthouse systems, I ordered two Neewer tripod light stands.  They are not incredibly stable; if you touch them, it takes a while before they stop swaying.  But if your floor is stable and you don’t touch the stands, they work quite well.

To carry all the equipment, I bought the Amazon Basics DSLR and Laptop backpack.  It is supposed to fit 17 inch laptops but it barely fits my 15″ laptop.  All of the HTC Vive equipment fits and the Neewer tripods fit the straps on the outside of the bag.